Vilnius Travel Guide

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. The city was founded back in the 14th century (it was first mentioned in 1323 in the letters of Lithuania’s great ruler Grand Duke Gediminas). Nowadays Vilnius is a modern city with 550k inhabitants. The city has a stunning array of Baroque and Gothic architecture and one of the largest Old Towns in Central and Eastern Europe, which takes up 360 hectares and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Vilnius and its universities attract a large number of students from all over Lithuania. But it's not only today's reality- higher education has deep roots in the city: Vilnius University that was founded in 1579 is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. 
The symbols of Vilnius are the Tower of the Upper Castle on Gediminas Hill, built many centuries ago, and the Cathedral on the city’s main square. The Cathedral is the main sanctuary for Catholics in Lithuania, and it is also a graceful piece of Classical architecture.