Riga Restaurants

Jauniela 16, Riga
Restaurant "1221" is a historical and cosy family restaurant. Here on three floors you can feel 300 year aura of the old building, taste of culinary prowess of the internationally known and renowned chef Roberts Smilga, as well.
Opening hours: I-VII 12:00-23:00
Tel.: +371 67 22 01 71
E-mail: 1221@apollo.lv
Average price of a main course: 21 euro

Raiņa bulv. 15, Riga
Opening hours: 
I-IV 13:00-23:00
V-VI 13:00-24:00
VII 13:00-23:00
Tel.: +371 67814190
E-mail: info@alusordenis.lv 
Average price of a main course: 9 euro


AUSTRUMU ROBEZA (Theater-restaurant)
Riharda Vāgnera str. 8, Riga
Ticket reservation information: +371 67814202
Kitchen: +371 67814203 
E-mail: info@austrumurobeza.lv 
Average price of a main course: 8 euro


Terbatas str. 2, Riga
BIBLIOTĒKA №1 Restorāns is a story about the most beautiful city park, the unlimited possibilities in the world of taste, and an unforgettable journey through the vineyards of Italy.
The head chef Maris Jansons has opened a unique modern library of Latvian cuisine, where the most high-quality seasonal ingredients are used, and where rich experience is combined with fresh inspiration. On the one hand, well-known classical dishes are the kings there, while on the other endless fantasy reigns in a search for new tastes and sensations which turn any lunch or dinner into an unforgettable journey. BIBLIOTĒKA №1 Restorans combines nature with roomy space, usual food with a great jump into the heavens, and the classics with bold creativity. This is a journey both through Latvian cuisine and through a totally new world.
Opening hours: I-III, VII 12:00-24:00; IV-VI 12:00-02:00
Tel.: +371 20225000
E-mail: info@restoransbiblioteka.lvrezervacija@restoransbiblioteka.lv (for orders)
Average price of a main course: 24 euro

Meistaru str. 10/12, Riga
Carpe Diem – enjoy your exquisite meal in a high level restaurant where one can taste the most delicious fish specially delivered from different countries all over the world on a regular basis and talented musicians play your famous jazz melodies.
Carpe Diem means “seize the day” and a day spent in an exclusive restaurant enjoying delicious meal while listening to a great jazz music is really worth it. 
“Carpe Diem” – for those who relish the life.
Jazz restaurant Carpe Diem offers you different cuisines, but mostly European meals served by very kind, pleasant and highly qualified personnel. Gourmands would definitely love this place.
Carpe Diem, restaurant for those who love jazz and live performances. It’s a combination of different ambiances and moods for people of medium and high earnings to spend their time enjoying their favourite meals in accompaniment of great musical performances provided by talented musicians. Carpe Diem offers live music, but DJ entertains visitors on weekends when everyone can dance jazz.
Various interiors divide Carpe Diem in different areas each characterizing different style and mood. Those who prefer cognac and cigar are welcome to visit our library. Privacy would be found in the “White hall of the winter palace”. Clients will be pleasantly surprised of virtuoso combination of styles. 
Tel.: +371 67 228 488
Mobile: +371 26 595 424
E-mail: restaurant@carpe.lv
Average price of a main course: 12 euro


Kalku str. 3a, Riga, Royal Square Hotel & Suites
Depart the Old Riga's narrow cobblestone streets to discover this atmospheric restaurant. Here, historic walls hide an intimate nook containing a table with four majestic thrones. You'll also see a beautifully preserved well beneath the glass floor of the spacious dining area, as you listen to the sounds of improvised piano music. Nevertheless, we take most pride in our cuisine and service. Desiderata restaurant has been awarded as The Best restaurant in Latvia in 2010.
Attention to every detail has been considered at the restaurant Desiderata — comfortable chairs, perfectly crisp tablecloths and serviettes, fresh fragile flowers, elegant cutlery, fine tableware and most importantly, cuisine with expert service.
Restaurant chef Mr. Maris Astics presents an exquisite international menu that's truly a masterpiece. Our chef is superb in harmonizing his creations, accenting the flavours of individual ingredients and combining them all to the taste of perfection. The tastes and aroma will set your mouth watering for more of his secretive skills.
Opening hours: I-VII 12:00-23:00
Tel.: +371 67214 555
Average price of a main course: 16 euro

Balasta dambis 70, Riga
When you arrive at Dauguva riverbank, a place where gypsum factory was formerly situated, you are captured by the feeling that people here are more relaxed and the time is flowing slower. Stepping in the restaurant you will find yourself in a harmonious ambiance, where nothing will intrude a smooth business lunch or a restful candlelight dinner. The restaurant combines seemingly the incompatibles – daintiness of romance and minimalism of business. The interior is held in calm shades, thus you can pay more attention to each other, not the things around you. The menu combines the best from different cuisines and every dish is enjoyable – starting with light dishes and ending with the very exquisite ones. Here, everybody will find something fit for them – meat admirers and vegetarians, pragmatists and politicians, singers and dancers, lovers and priests... Moreover – you will always get what is promised. Each record in the menu is a promise of quality made by the restaurant. If you choose fresh vegetable salad with avocado and almonds – avocado will be mild and ready, almonds – crispy and the vegetables – fresh. Each client is the most special – and his wish is a command. The waiters do their job with responsibility, yet – with joy and ease. This place creates a little holiday in a mundane routine. Mr. Uldis Stabulnieks lightly plays the piano and people say he pleases gourmands’ ears every evening. Surrounded by easy conversations and music sounds, here the time stops. It seems that the rush on the other side of Daugava is far away and is just a beautiful postcard on the restaurant’s wall.
Tel.: +371 67 873 804
Mobile: +371 22 44 53 53
E-mail: restaurant@fabrikasrestorans.lv
Average price of a main course: 18,50 euro

Kaļķu str. 11a, Riga
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Kaļķu Vārti is a restaurant located in the historical and business centre of Old Town. It presents you an opportunity to open the gate to a journey into the world of meals accompanied by the play of flavours and tastes of healthy and natural products revealing the mysteries of culinary traditions of various cultures. It offers a feast that may allure surprise and satisfy, at the same time also revealing unknown aspects of the well known things. It is an offer one can enjoy during the business lunch or when relaxing at night.
Tel.: +371 67 224 576
E-mail: info@kalkuvarti.lv
Average price of a main course: 20 euro

Miesnieku str. 4, Riga
Each fare in the fish restaurant Le Dome is made individually on order; thus retaining the nuanced taste quality. The restaurant design and its atmosphere are created so that when you step over the threshold and close the door behind you, you enter another world where a friendly and hospitable atmosphere always welcomes you. You should experience that! If during a day it is a business-like atmosphere in the restaurant then in afternoons and evenings one can observe leisurely conversations, laughter and friendly romantic mood. While in weekend evenings a pianist is at the piano and the live performance modestly supplements the special mood.
Opening hours:
I-V 7:00-23:00
VI-VII 8:00-23:00
Tel.: +371 67 559884
E-mail: restaurant@domehotel.lv
Average price of a main course: 20 euro


Vaļņu str. 9, Riga
One of the oldest restaurants in Riga, «Monterosso» was established in 1913. After re-opening in 2000 it quickly became a favorable dining place for sophisticated locals and international visitors alike. Carrying the heritage of it’s past into today’s glamour, «Monterosso» brings true Italian cuisine to the heart of Old Riga.
The elegant interiors of the restaurant are complemented with a la carte menu created by world renowned chef Patrick Pages. Patrick is a rarity – he is a French chef who understands the fundamentals, essentials, and desirable taste of Italian food. Several years that he spent in Italy made him a true connoisseur of Mediterranian cuisine. Patrick’s background as a leading chef in France and his cooking experience in many European countries as well as in Japan, South America, and Africa ensure that only purity and freshness of the best ingredients shine through to create superb food served in our restaurant.
A menu at «Monterosso» is complemented by the finest wine list in Riga. The wine cellar carries a stock of a few thousand bottles of wine carefully selected from all over the world.
Opening hours: I-VII 12:00-24:00
Tel.: +371 67507170
Fax: +371 67222049
E-mail: banketi@monterosso.lv
Average price of a main course: 25 euro


Jauniela 25/27, Riga
The Neiburgs Restaurant is popular with both visitors and locals who love a good dinner out.
Its success is based on the combination of historical and stylish elements in the restaurant’s decor and menu. The interior is airy, filled with lots of light; the fare is a fusion of contemporary trends and tradition for a reasonable price; the mood is set by background music, soft enough not to make listening to your table-mate a hard task.
Our kitchen is run by the young, ambitious and talented chef. In his food, traditional Latvian flavours and seasonal ingredients meet the influences of a diversity of global cuisines. Baltic herring, pearl barley, chicken liver, rhubarb, wild mushrooms, pumpkin, beetroot, cottage cheese – products well familiar in the Baltic region for centuries, seemingly common and readily available in the Latvian countryside, undergo wonderful transformations in the kitchen and can be turned into a hearty, healthy and contemporary lunch or a celebratory dinner for a special occasion.
Our wine list comprises wines specially selected and supplied by Valentina Grandane, Latvia's first lady of wine.
Opening hours: I-VII 11:00-23:00
Lunch menu available: I-V 11:00-15:00
Tel: +371 6 7115544 
Fax: +371 6 7559562
E-mail: restaurant@neiburgs.com
Average price of a main course: 11,50 euro


Grecinieku str. 26, Riga
PiNOT a fusion-style restaurant satisfying the tastes of Riga citizens and foreign visitors. This cosy restaurant is a real combination of hospitable reception and delicious refreshment of the varied menu. 
The basement of the PiNOT Restaurant is a special place housing a gourmet food shop and a vinotheque, with possibly one of the most extensive offers of quality wines in Riga.
In addition to the regular menu, customers of the PiNOT Restaurant will also have the freedom of choosing from a varied menu tailored to upcoming festive occasions or, for a change, to the national cuisines of various countries. Dishes are prepared using fresh ecologically clean products coming both from local producers and from suppliers in Western Europe. Tasty snacks will be offered to customers, with special compliments from the chef, as a reward for their patience and to shorten the time whenever the restaurant guests have to wait a little until their individual order is served.
Opening hours: I-VII 10:00-01:00
Tel.: +371 67225616, +371 28881889 
E-mail: pinot@pinot.lv
Average price of a main course: 18 euros


Jauniela str. 18/22, Riga
Pūt Vējiņ!" is located in the very heart of the Old City in the downtown Riga just a hundred yards off the Dome square and Latvia's most impressive church — Doma Cathedral. The building holding the restaurant itself as well as a cappuccino bar and grill room, dates back to the XVI century.


Antonijas str. 13, Riga
Mediterranean French Restaurant
Opening hours:
I-III, VII: 11:00-23:00
IV-VI: 11:00-01:00
Tel.: +371 26 605 930
E-mail: soul-kithen@inbox.lv


Rozena str. 1, Riga
Many moons ago, in 1293, the cellars which the Rozengrals restaurant now inhabits were once a wine vault and festival hall for Riga's city councillors. In fact the menu hasn't changed much since those days. Rozengrals prides itself on using authentic medieval recipes and serves up genuine dishes once found on the tables of French bishops, Italian governors and even Spanish kings. Rabbit stewed with prunes and carp prepared in spicy cognac are just two of the house specialties  The finishing touches to the medieval theme include bread served in a sackcloth, fiddle-touting minstrels and waitresses dressed like Friar Tuck... Albeit much cuter. 
Opening hours: I-VII 12:00-24:00
Tel.: +371 67224748
E-mail: info@rozengrals.lv
Average price of a main course: 23,50 euro


Smilsu str. 2, Riga
Probably the best steakhouse in Latvia, in a cosy, yet elegant style. Wide range of wines and other beverages to accompany your choice of dining. Live music Tuesdays – Saturdays on the open air terrace during summer. 
Opening hours: I-VII 11:00-01:00
Tel.: +371 732 0037
E-mail: restaurant@steakhousedome.lv

VECMEITA AR KAKI (The Spinster and Her Cat)
Maza Pils str. 1, Riga
The Spinster and Kitten' is an affordable little restaurant tucked away on the North West of the Old Town, where it remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. Inside the tastefully subdued interior prospective diners can tuck into a range of tasty European dishes, such as Norwegian salmon or beef casserole, each served with a side order and a smile. And if you're not hungry, then there's a crowded bar area at the front where you can sample a native brew and exchange sailors' stories with bandanna-clad locals...
Tel.: +371 67325077

Elizabetes str. 19, Riga
Since restaurant Vincents was founded in 1994, it has grown to become one of the premier gourmet establishments in Eastern Europe. Its reputation has spread far beyond Latvia’s borders, with Prince Charles, Elton John, the Emperor of Japan and Heston Bluhmenthal among a very long list of prominent personalities and famous gourmands who have savoured the restaurant’s haute cuisine.
Vincents is located in one of the most picturesque parts of Riga, a 15-minute walk from the Old City. The restaurant offers menus that can be specially designed for any specific occasion. Its dining rooms and outdoor patio can also be arranged and decorated for birthday, wedding and other celebrations.
Restaurant chef Martins Ritins maintains a close relationship with many of Latvia's small-scale organic farmers, and purchases the recipe ingredients for Vincents’ menu directly from the farmers whenever possible. Martins tries to obtain only the best and freshest products, which means that Vincents’ menu changes every week, in accordance with the fruits, vegetables, berries and mushrooms that are in season at any particular time.
Opening hours: I-VI 18:00-22:00
Tel.: +371 67332830
Mobile phone: +371 29422446
Fax: +371 67830206
E-mail : martins.ritins@restorans.vincents.lv
Average price of a main course: 32 euro