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Riga Fashion Week

Riga Fashion weekMain international fashion event in the Baltic States organised by the Baltic Fashion Federation since 2004 - taking place twice a year, staging fashion shows of the leading Baltic and international designers as well as the young rising stars, gathering professionals and the most stylish people of the region. Showroom for the national and international buyers, info support for the press and the funkiest parties in town. It is Riga Fashion Week - supporting fashion.
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Museum Night in Riga (mid-May)

Museum night in RigaMuseum Night is an international event held simultaneously all over Europe. Every year more museums join the event, transforming it and creating new traditions. Usually, Museum Night takes place on Saturday night (7 pm) and lasts until Sunday morning. Entrance to museums is free of charge.


Latvian Song and Dance Celebration (30th of June - 7th of July in 2013)

Latvian Song and Dance Celebration participants

Year 2013 will be significant for Latvia as around 40 000 participants will gather in our capital Riga for the XXV Song and XV Dance Celebration. It is not just a festival – the tradition goes back for 140 years and in 2003 together with Lithuanian and Estonian Song and Dance tradition it was recorded in the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage.
The celebration is due to take place from the 30th of June through the 7th of July 2013, in Riga. Attendees are certain to experience Latvia as the Land That Sings. Every spring all Latvian dance groups and choirs take part in displays involving more than 15 000 dancers and around 13 000 singers, demonstrating to the jury from the compulsory repertoire as well as freely chosen ones.


Rigas Ritmi Festival (usually held on a weekend at the beginning of July)

Rigas RitmiInternational Music Festival "RIGAS RITMI" is one of leading music festivals in Baltic countries with good reputation in Europe and world.
The festival programmes have included all jazz styles and world music. Festival takes place every year in Riga, Latvia during the first week of July.
The festival is one of the most attended musical events in Riga music life (over 15 000 attendance) and has earned the status of the festival with national importance.
The festival presents a rich program for music lovers that include concerts of world renown musicians as well as masterclasses, which are the essential part of the festival program.
The main characteristics of "Rigas Ritmi" are based on quality and education that have made it highly rated and beloved by the audience and musicians.
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Street Music Day in Riga (mid-August)

Street Music Day in RigaThe idea of The Street Music day is simple - irrespective of your age, status, nationality, professional skills and qualifications, professionals and music lovers are invited to fill the City of Riga with music, song, sounds. In this way a festival will be created for the participants in Riga, who will be able to use the opportunity to perform at an accessible place and time.


International Sacred Music festival (end of August- first week of September)

International Sacred Music Festival in Riga; ConcertFor centuries, the word of God and the presence of God have inspired musicians to create cantatas, oratorios and musical poems thus bringing new meaning to these words through musical expression.
The Festival traditionally takes place at a time when Riga's concert life is scarce but the tourism season is in full swing. The Sacred Music Festival brought a diversity of genre into the festival movement in Latvia with its foremost emphasis on the performance of large-scale vocal, instrumental and a capella pieces.
Tickets available: www.bilesuparadize.lv
Information about the concerts and venues: + 371 67223839


Balta Nakts Riga (second Saturday of September)

Balta Nakts concertPartly because it is free and accessible to all, White night (Baltā nakts) is one of the most popular, annual cultural events in Riga. Concentrating on contemporary forms of art, it unites cultural enthusiasts of all ages, from children to senior citizens.
On this particular night - usually at the end of August or the beginning of September - exhibitions and performances to suit all tastes take place in a variety of strangest places, including empty stores and abandoned factories, as well as at more conventional exhibition halls and clubs.
Latvia's White night is part of the European White Nights (Eiropas Baltās naktis)international cultural project.


Studentu Paradize

Studentu Paradize logoStudentu Paradīze is the most spectacular celebration of opening academic year in Baltics that will gather together thousands of students in Arena Riga. It is organized to create feeling of unity amongst students as well as organize one celebration of opening academic year for all Latvian students.
Tickets available:
Tickets in advance – 8,50 EURO
Tickets on the day of the festival – 10 EURO

Homo Novus International Festival of Contemporary Theatre (2013)

Homo Novus logoThe biennial International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus is an essential part of Latvian performing arts scene and cultural landscape of Riga. It has become an important meeting point for local and international professionals and theatre goers alike. The festival presents new talents and established artists with an interest and curiosity for contemporary world and functions as a platform for development of new artistic initiatives and partnerships. Since 1995 nine festivals have been organised and more than 100 performances presented and produced in Daugavpils and Riga.


Skaņu Mežs 2012' - An Annual Adventurous Music Festival

Skanu Mezs logoIt’s been ten years since the first festival took place in 2003, but a question repeatedly voiced by festivalgoers is – what is the festival’s purpose? Briefly – Skaņu Mežs is organised both to give an overview of the latest developments within the music world as well as to create interesting musical events in Riga so as to make Riga a more interesting place for its inhabitants. One of the ways in which the festival does this is to scout and select interesting new venues for each festival, some of which the wider audience has never heard of. This results in musical performances which have the power to surprise, bore, shock – in other words performances which cannot immediately be absorbed.
Skaņu Mežs is a music festival which has as its goal to widen the audience’s horizons, and to offer alternatives to dominant views on culture by introducing them to music, cinema and art. Many of the festival’s events offer the visitors’ intriguing experiences which give layered, strong impressions. The events can be seen as an opportunity for people to detach themselves from their mundane and everyday comfort zones in this way refreshing their perspective on the world.
Tickets available: www.bilesuserviss.lv



Riga Fashion Week  

Fashion Week in RigaMain international fashion event in the Baltic States organised by the Baltic Fashion Federation since 2004 - taking place twice a year, staging fashion shows of the leading Baltic and international designers as well as the young rising stars, gathering professionals and the most stylish people of the region. Showroom for the national and international buyers, info support for the press and the funkiest parties in town. It is Riga Fashion Week - supporting fashion.


Staro Riga Festival of Light

Staro Riga festival of lightEven without its reference to Erasmus of Rotterdam, this year's festival theme is an invitation to search for values. Confronted each moment with a magnitude of information, communication, opinions and interpretations, we tend to get confused. What is good, bad or remarkable, and what might be praised to the skies, but worthless in its essence? Bright appearances tend to hide a moral emptiness, while fundamental values and important connections remain unilluminated.
Light, colour and contrast games, pictures, animations, new technological solutions, are only the artist's tools and instruments in the search for real values, revealing the contents of the light object stories. The main challenges are the unexpected, ingenious methods and techniques for story-making and the exposure of the content, making up the general mood and subtext.


International Bach Chamber Music Festival Riga (14th November- 5th December 2012)

International Bach Music FestivalThe International Bach Chamber Music Festival is focussed on the intimate, the soulful, and the personal. It manifests the producers' desire to reveal Bach from the "quiet side" and show that the relatively few sounds in a chamber music score can say just as much in the way of fundamental ideas, thoughts and content as Bach's major vocal and symphonic compositions.
The concept of the Festival strives to embrace a wealth of aesthetic, cultural and historical values. For one thing, audiences at the festival hear seldom performed interpretations of Bach's chamber music, including the compositions that were produced by the great artist's sons and contemporaries, as well as the music inspired by Bach's personality. The festival is also a cradle for new music - each year there are new works commissioned especially for the festival.
Tickets available: www.bilesuparadize.lv
Prices: 3-25LVL