Guide books on Baltic Countries and neighbours

The Rough Guide to Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
by Jonathan Bousfield
4th edition March 2011
Retail price £14.99 / $24.99 
The Rough Guide to Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania is your ultimate travel guide to the Baltic States. Whether you’re looking for inspiring accommodation or great places to eat, in-the-know advice will help you find the very best places to stay. It includes comprehensive coverage of the historic capital cities; the dramatic rural regions dotted with lakes and wetlands; the lost-in-time medieval villages; the unique festivals, and the long, dune-backed beaches. The guide’s handy events calendar will help you plan your trip across the Baltics to coincide with the best events – everything from jazz, folk and horror movie festivals to ballet, medieval feasts and crafts fairs. Plus, there’s expert background on musical traditions, from the birth of Lithuanian free jazz to Estonia’s first punk rock concert. Accurate maps and comprehensive practical information help you get under the skin of the Baltic States, whilst stunning photography and a full-colour introduction make this your ultimate travelling companion to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 
Make the most of your break with The Rough Guide to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Bradt Estonia
by Neil Taylor
6th edition July 2010
Retail price £14.99 / $25.99
Bradt’s Estonia remains the only English-language guidebook to this Baltics destination and this sixth edition reveals more of the country than any previous guide. Readers now discover why Miss Estonia likes antique cars, where Eiffel built before Paris, and why Edward VII could not land in Tallinn to meet Tsar Nicholas II and had instead to spend three days in the harbour. Offering extensive coverage of Estonia’s complex cultural history and its artists, writers and musicians, alongside comprehensive practical information, Baltics expert Neil Taylor proves that there’s much more to Estonia than the cobbled streets and cafés of Tallinn.

Bradt Baltic Cities
by Neil Taylor
1st edition October 2008
Retail price £14.99 / $25.99
A revamped and expanded version of Bradt’s Baltic Capitals, this guide recognises a shift in the nature of travel in the region. No longer limited to a Baltics’ itinerary covering Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the guide incorporates the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, the Baltic coast from Klaipeda to Liepaja, and inland cities of Kaunas and Tartu.Whereas the Baltic states reflect western European influence, Kaliningrad – an offshoot of Russia – is very different: the Cyrillic alphabet remains and tourists can still see a statue of Lenin, or walk along a Revolution Road. The perfect companion, Baltic Cities details each city’s historic sights, from museums to churches, together with scenic walking tours and essential details of where to eat and stay.

Bradt Central & Eastern European Wildlife
by Gerard Gorman
1st edition July 2008
Retail price £15.99
The wildlife of eastern Europe is one of the unexpected attractions of a region best known for its cultural assets: relatively few visitors are aware of the diversity on their holiday doorstep, from brown bears and wolves to numerous birds no longer common in the west of the continent. Accessible and beautifully illustrated, the guide will appeal both to the holidaymaker and to the serious naturalist seeking a compact volume to carry around. And after the trip, it will also make an attractive souvenir. The guide covers the wildlife of: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Bradt Lithuania
by Gordon McLachlan
5th edition March 2008
Retail price £14.99 / $25.99
Now into its fifth edition, Lithuania is an invaluable guide for planning a trip in this most hospitable of European countries. Some of the many attractions featured are: the atmospheric Hill of Crosses at Siauliai, the charming seaside town of Palanga and the provincial town of Kaunas with its museums and botanical gardens. For those seeking a tranquil retreat by the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Spit National Park is well covered, with its town of Nida perched amongst a wilderness of dunes. An overview of the country’s chequered history is provided in addition to all the information necessary to create the perfect itinerary.

Bradt Riga
by Stephen Baister and Chris Patrick
2nd edition September 2007
Retail price £6.99
The Latvian capital of Riga is rapidly increasing in popularity with travellers touring the new map of Europe. Visitors will be impressed with Riga’s variety of inviting cafés, restaurants and bars, plus diverse entertainment including opera, casinos and jazz – the pick of which are listed in this handy-sized guide. The guide includes city walking tours, undoubtedly the best way to discover Riga’s fine collection of Art Nouveau buildings and its picturesque canal.

Bradt Latvia
by Stephen Baister and Chris Patrick
5th edition July 2007
Retail price £13.99
Latvia possesses the largest and most cosmopolitan capital of the Baltic states, and visitors to Riga will find their interests well catered for in this guide – from museums, art nouveau buildings and opera to casinos, bars and jazz clubs. For visitors touring the peaceful Latvian countryside, a host of options is covered: Jurmala’s sandy beaches, Gauja National Park and quaint provincial villages all merit a visit and are easily discovered with the Bradt guide. This new edition provides more coverage of activity holidays, the coastal town of Liepaja - now readily explorable with summer flights from Riga - and new possibillities for observing wildlife, including the developing nature area at Lake Pape.

Bradt Vilnius
by Howard Jarvis and Nail Taylor
1st edition May 2006
Retail price £6.99
Detailed practical information is set in the context of the city’s place in Lithuania’s history and culture, ensuring that visitors can make the most of their stay, whether on an organised tour or travelling independently. Written by specialists, it offers informed opinion and a detailed, personal interpretation of a complex but beautiful city.

Bradt Helsinki
by Nigel Wallis
1st edition March 2007
Retail price £7.99
Nigel Wallis leads you through all the best activities; unwind in the summer with the many parks, gardens and terrace cafés or try a spot of ice-swimming, cross-country skiing or beach hopping around the archipelago. Whenever you go, you will not fail to be captivated by Helsinki, with this guide being the perfect companion.

Bradt Belorus
by Nigel Robert
2nd edition February 2011
Retail price £15.99
Mysterious and misunderstood, Belarus remains an enigma at the heart of Europe. Bradt's Belarus gives you all the information needed to get the best from this lost world. Explore Minsk, Belarus's modern city, built as a memorial to the glory of Soviet communism or step beyond the capital and find a wealth of riches that remain largely unknown to the outside world: the natural splendour of primeval forests, rivers and lakes; flora and fauna in abundance; stunning museums empty of visitors; rich culture and tradition; historical sites dating back to the Middle Ages; beautiful churches; Russian Orthodoxy and the genuine warmth of a people who believe that the rest of the world has either forgotten them or has no interest in their wellbeing.

The Rough Guide Baltic States
by Jonathan Bousfield, Shafik Meghji
2nd edition December 2007
Retail price £13.99 / $21.99 
The Rough Guide to The Baltic States is an indispensable guide to this intriguing part of Europe. The full colour section introduces the highlights of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The guide features definitive accounts of the fascinating capital cities of Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga, as well as full coverage of the countries’ distinctive landscapes of lakes, forests and national parks. Two new colour sections give the lowdown on the countries’ cuisine and landscapes. The guide also contains practical advice on the best places for hiking, canoeing and birdwatching. Detailed maps for every region, and up-to-date reviews of accommodation, restaurants and nightlife, are also included.

The Rough Guide to Poland
by Jonathan Bousfield, Mark Salter
7th edition June 2009
Retail price £14.99 / $24.99 
Fully updated and expanded, you'll find detailed practical advice on what to see and do in Poland whilst relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels in Poland, bars in Poland, restaurants in Poland, shops in Poland and Polish festivals. There's also comprehensive background on everything from Polish history to folk music and Poland's rich literary heritage. Explore all regions of Poland with the clearest maps of any guide, and coverage of off the beaten track sites not to be missed.


The History of LithuaniaIn preparing for the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minister Audronius Ažubalis) appealed to the scholars at Vilnius University’s Institute of International Relations and Political Science who have been studying the politics of history for many years (professors Raimundas Lopata, Alvydas Jokubaitis, Vytautas Radžvilas, and others), asking them to compile a concise, easy-to-read work of Lithuanian history based on the criteria of truth and openness. Its purpose is to unfold our country’s historical path to the reader - citizens of the European Union in particular – in a clear and understandable way. The long, victorious, sometimes difficult or even tragic path which the founders of the Lithuanian state conquered by leading the nation’s people through different periods and government structures, through pits of occupations and the ups and downs of restored independence – from the very first time the name of Lithuania was mentioned in one of the European chronicles in 1009 to the country’s metamorphosis to a full-fledged member of the European Union in 2004. Download the full book of The History of Lithuania.