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Baltic countries
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123Baltic stands for the 3 Baltic countries, which is quite commonly understood as one teritory. Consider the new destination - small and diverse, green and white, hot and cold, urban and natural, tiny and great, slow and dynamic, shy and self-confident, silent and sound Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - the three Baltic countries, used to be called Baltic republics with a total teritory of just 175k (67.5k sq.miles), which is nearly a half of Germany's and population of under 7mln, which is less than in Austria alone. When you first hear of the Baltic countries it's still common to consider them one body, be it political, cultural or economical context. This is easier, of course. Especially when you know that the Baltic countries just joined the EU in 2004. But the need and will to dig deeper is a feature of every human being and curiosity is the engine of evolution, isn't it? Even if you would rather use Google search to answer the question like "where is the Baltic Sea", eventually you will find out who and where the Baltics countries are. Examine our Baltic guide and ask for more info if any interest.

Same goes with travel. Consider us one destination or explore one by one, all depends on what your current goals are.      Estonia      Latvia      Lithuania

Whole Baltic countries list may be wider if you include all the territories around the Baltic Sea:
Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad), but this list is usually referred to as the countries that border on the Baltic Sea (though not necessarily on each other).


Video presentation of Estonia (3 minutes)

Video presentation of Latvia (6 minutes)

An introductory film Asa and Hakan in Latvia from LTDA on Vimeo.


Video presentation of Lithuania (8 minutes)