Druskininkai Travel Guide

Druskininkai is a resort town in the Southern part of Lithuania, approx 135 km from Vilnius and about the same from Kaunas.
Druskininkai is famous for its local mineral water and curing mud and has well established itself as a SPA resort of the region. In addition to the traditional mud application and mineral bath, one can also relax at honey or herbal bath, massage, kriotheraphy. Paying a visit to a water park, riding a bike or skiing at the world-class indoor winter entertainment park are the add-ons not to forget.


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A world-class indoor winter activity complex Snow Arena is open all-year-round in Druskininkai and is praised to be one of the best in Europe. The temperature inside the Snow Arena is kept at -2°C.
2 indoor skiing slopes with a breathtaking Snowboarding Park are open all-year-round. In winter they also open an outdoor slope.

The following figures are available at Snowboard Park of Druskininkai Snow Arena:
butter box – 6 m;
flat down box – 6 m;
c box – 6 m;
rainbow box – 6 m;
z rail – 11 m;
down box;
flat box – 7 m;
kink rail – 9 m;
kickers 5 and 10 m;
wall ride;
canon rail;
powl jam rail;
moon box.

Click-> to view the video on how the Snowboard Park was re-build in Druskininkai Snow Arena in Autumn 2012