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Lithuania. Multi-activity Tour 8 d.

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Meals
  • Kayaking, fat biking, trekking, sauna

Lithuania. Multi-activity Tour 8 d.

Lithuanian Forests and Lakes Multi-activity Tour

Guaranteed* departures7 - 14 July 2018 and 18 - 25 August 2018 (only 10 places).
*A minimum number of 6 people is required for this tour to run

Fitness level: Easy to medium level.
Please note, that you should be comfortable walking on an unpaved and forest terrain.
Minimum age: 14 yrs.
Distance: 78-87 km, of which: hiking 20-29 km, kayaking 27 km, fat biking 31 km.

Ideal for those undecided about the type of activities they would like to try during one trip.
This tour features hiking, fat biking and kayaking over 8 days spent in the beautiful forests and lakes of Gražutės Regional Park, with an opportunity to meet and learn from the local craftsmen.


July 7 / August 18. Arrival
July 8 / August 19. Hiking (6-15 km)
July 9 / August 20. Hiking (14 km)
July 10 / August 21. Kayaking (15 km)
July 11 / August 22. Kayaking (12 km)
July 12 / August 23. Free day
July 13 / August 24. Fat biking (31 km)
July 14 / August 25. Return

Price includes:
✓ Accommodation in traditional guesthouses for 6 nights (all days except for day 2) in
rooms for 2-4 persons with shared facilities
✓ Camping in tents on day 2*
✓ Full-board meals on days 2-7, dinner on day 1, breakfast on day 8
✓ Kayak, fat bike and other necessary camping equipment rental
✓ English speaking local guide
✓ Sauna on all days except day 6 and 8
✓ 2 craftsmen's workshops: honey-making and woodworking
✓ Transportation of personal belongings between accommodations
✓ Transfer from Visaginas to the guesthouse on day 1 and back on day 8
✓ Entry ticket to the regional park
*Camping grounds are not equipped with facilities.
Please note: We reserve the right to change the itinerary (route, accommodation) if necessary.

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Guaranteed* departures: 7 - 14 July 2018 and 18 - 25 August 2018 (only 10 places).
*A minimum number of 6 people is required for this tour to run.


July 7 / August 18. Arrival
Arrival to Visaginas, where you are welcomed by your guide. Transfer (~15 minutes) to our first guesthouse on lake Smalvas in the Gražutės Regional Park. Dinner at the accommodation, tour presentation, safety briefing and meeting other participants. Sauna in the evening.

July 8 / August 19. Hiking (6-15 km)
We start our day with some light morning exercise, followed by delicious breakfast. After breakfast we set off on a tour around nearby lakes – Trilypis, Skaidrys, and Švento. All of these lakes are part of Smalvo conservation area, which was designed to  protect some of the rarest species of birds and plants in Lithuania. The nature here is dominated by pines, green mosses, and picturesque lakes formed following the Ice Age. There is an opportunity for an open-water swimming at all the lakes we visit today – so you can later compare your experiences. We lunch during one of the lake stops, with the meal being cooked over a campfire. In the afternoon, we make a tent camp by Švento lake (eng. „Saint‘s“) and meet our local host, who shares what it‘s like to live in a 2-persons village. Later on, we relax in a traditional Russian-style „banya“ (sauna). We dinner with our local host, whilst learning more about the area and its cultural traditions. In the evening, there is free time for you to take a walk around the lake at your own pace, or simply enjoy the quietness and stillness of the surrounding nature.

July 9 / August 20. Hiking (14 km)
Greeting the morning with light exercise, optional swimming in the open water of the cleanest Lithuanian lake Švento and breakfast. Today we get a chance to observe the headwaters of Šventoji, one of the longest Lithuanian rivers, which then falls into Luodis lake and carries all the way on to the Baltic Sea. We'll walk past small villages and singlehouse homesteads, thus getting an insight into rural life of the locals. There is also a stop for a packed lunch, after which we continue to the village of Salakas. In the afternoon we arrive at our guesthouse. After dinner there will be free time to explore Salakas village on your own, as well as take a walk along the “Elk’s” exploratory pathway. Sauna in the evening.

July 10 / August 21. Kayaking (15 km)
In the morning after breakfast we get to the clear waters of Luodis lake and continue our tour by kayaks. We provide all equipment, such as paddles and life vests. We make a few stops on some peninsulas and islands of Luodis lake, giving you a chance to capture beautiful nature views and have a sneak peek on local wildlife. There will also be a stop for apacked lunch. Luodis is considered a heaven for fishing enthusiasts, and it is likely that we’ll meet some fishermen along our route. Our way then leads us through the waters of Šventoji river to our next guesthouse. In the afternoon, we take a short walk to a nearby village to
meet a local honey-maker Janina, who will shed the light on secrets of honey-making and give us a try of some best honeys she makes. Dinner at Janina’s farmstead, sauna at a guesthouse.

July 11 / August 22. Kayaking (12 km)
The second day of kayaking on Šventoji river, reaching Antalieptės reservoir. Antalieptės reservoir is made up from 26 lakes, which were artificially joined together to form a single lake, powering up a hydroelectric power station at Antalieptė. The reservoir is full of little islands, majority of which are a natural habitat for variety of bird species. Arriving at our guesthouse for the next two nights. Sauna in the evening.

July 12 / August 23. Free day
Today is a free day for you to enjoy peace and quietness at Antalieptės reservoir. You can either stay at a guesthouse, take a leisure walk around, use a boat to paddle through the lake, or go for a circular hike to a former water mill and now a museum of radio sets at Tiltiškės. Depending on the season, guided berries and mushroom picking. Packed lunch will be provided, dinner at a guesthouse over open fire.

July 13 / August 24. Fat biking (31 km)
Today we are working our way through the forest by bikes. Our route goes mostly on unpaved forest roads, and we will visit local woodworkers at Degučiai village, a natural landmark “Spruce sisters”, and a 100 year-old wooden old believers’ chapel. Upon arrival at a final guesthouse, we enjoy delicious dinner and share our final tour experiences with each other.

July 14 / August 25. Return
Breakfast and a transfer to Visaginas, from which you can get a connection to Vilnius or Kaunas airport.

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