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Sleddog ride near Vilnius

  • Sled dog ride
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Lunch arrangement in Kernave

Sleddog ride near Vilnius

Yes, husky rides in Lithuania, just near Vilnius are available in winter just like in Lapland. Take the chance.

Place: Kernave, 40 km out of Vilnius
Available: October-April (when not warmer than 0 C).
Pre-booking: need to pre-book

Husky ride in Kernave, near Vilnius
After a short drive by car (40 km from Vilnius), you will arrive at the Husky Farm, where the barking of the enthusiastic dogs welcomes you to the safari. You will be given tuition on how to control the sledge that you ride in pairs (musher and passenger). The journey in the winding routes through the forest will help you forget any daily routine and melt in the nature. When returning to the Husky Farm, you will savour hot coffee or tea and chat with the farm head about these amazing northern animals. 

 Husky ride Winter 2017-2018
Number of persons2610
Price per party (Eur) 190 320 480
Duration (h)* 3 3,5 4
*Transfer time Vilnius-Kernave-Vilnius (ca 1,5 hrs) is included  
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The farm is located near Kernave, just 40 km from Vilnius. The ride will wind you through local fields and forests.

Watch the joyful documentary film how the farm owners had taken their kid to the kindergarten in the event of heavy night snow.

Sled dogs used
Siberian huskies, Alaskan huskies, sleddogs. 

Husky rides near Vilnius available October thru April;
If there is not enough snow, the special wheeled sled is used;
Pre-booking required.

Recommended clothing for your husky ride: as if for skiing.
Skiing glasses: recommended.

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