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Hot Air Ballooning over Vilnius

  • Transfer to the take-off site
  • 1-hour flight
  • Babtizing ceremony and diploma

Hot Air Ballooning over Vilnius

A 119 eur/person hot air balloon flight over Vilnius is the add-on for your tour to remember.


... Vilnius is one of just a few European Capitals, where you may fly by hot air balloon. Favorable geographic location, not so busy air traffic and friendly welcome by Vilnius Airport Flight control service allow to fly over Vilnius city as often as weather permits.

... sightseeing Vilnius from a balloon is one of the most spectacular things to do in Lithuania.

... Lithuania is among top10 European countries in ballooning according number of balloons, balloon pilots and sporting results.

... professional English speaking pilots will show you the beauty of Vilnius and its surroundings and tell you about ballooning.

... after the flights you will be “baptized” according deep ballooning traditions, you will get First Flight Certificates, noble titles and names.

... if you feel any fear of heights, the crew will treat you during this wonderful flight with a 100 percent guarantee you will not be afraid to fly any more!

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There are several main hotair balloon take off sites in Vilnius. The crew always choose the site, which is the best to overfly the old town of Vilnius, according to the wind direction. Although flights over Vilnius are very often, a particular flight may be postponed or moved to Trakai, because of weather conditions.

We will pick you up from any hotel in Vilnius and bring you back after the flight.


Every person will get unforgettable impressions while flying by hot air balloon. The flight will be even more pleasant if you know some following nuances:

1. Hot air balloons in Vilnius Lithuania usually fly in April – October. In summer balloons fly in the mornings (5am-9am), while termics (vertical air flows) haven’t started and in the evenings (6pm-9pm), when termics became quiet. In autumn - spring morning flights start a bit later (8am), evening flights - earlier (4pm).

2. Hot air balloon flights completely depend on meteo situation: cloudiness, rainfall, visibility, wind speed etc. Usually meteo forecast is available 3 - 7 days before a flight, but sometimes the forecast is inaccurate or incomplete. Therefore, even when you arrive to the balloon’s launching place, for safety reasons the flight may be cancelled.

3. The average duration of the hot air balloon flight is one hour, but the whole process (preparation for the flight, instruction, flight, packing the balloon after flight, baptizing ceremony and getting back) lasts 3-4 hours.

4. Usually 3-9 persons fly in one hot air balloon. If you would like to fly without other people you should discuss this with the organisers of the flight in advance.

5. Before the flight the pilot instructs passengers. You should listen carefully. Do not hesitate to ask if something is unclear. The instructions related to the flight are obligatory for you. You should be attentive to the pilot during the whole flight.

6. If you want and are prepared, before the take off the pilot will ask you to help to prepare the balloon for the flight. If you have some health problems or you are pregnant it is better to consult with the doctor before the flight. In any case, you must inform the pilot about your health problems or pregnancy.

7. During the preparation and the flight it is better to wear trousers, jacket or long-sleeved shirts (preferably from flameproof material), clunky shoes and have leather gloves. In mornings the grass is usually wet, therefore, rubber boots are more comfortable. In evenings at the landing place there can be many mosquitoes, therefore you would feel more comfortable wearing long-sleeved shirts. Preparing for the flight, during the flight or after landing you may get dirty, so do not smarten up. The basket of hot air balloons may be quite low, that’s why you should have a cap, which could protect you from the heat of burners.

8. It is forbidden to use alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances and smoke  before and during the flight.

9. When going up the temperature drops 6,5 degrees per vertical kilometre. You won’t fly higher than 1 kilometre.

10. Flying hot air balloon is followed by crew in a car. Balloon pilot has constant radio connection with the car. After the flight hot air balloon and passengers are brought back to the meeting place.

11.  You can take camera on-board, but on your own responsibility. It is recommended to put camera in a soft holster, which could protect it from possible mechanical damage during landing. Passengers are responsible for their personal things during and after the flight.

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