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Tallinn Hop-on Hop-off Tour

  • 24-hour ticket

Tallinn Hop-on Hop-off Tour

Hop-on Hop-off tour is probably the most convenient way to explore the city. Tallinn offers three routes, full length of each route is approx. 1 hour. With a Hop-on Hop-off ticket you can explore the city (commentary available in 9 languages) throughout the day combining all the three routes at your most convenient time.



Red line will introduce you to the history of our Town Centre. We will take you to Lasnamäe, Kadriorg, oldest ports and to the oldest suburban Kalamaja. The red line gives a good overview of the history of Tallinn and evolution through the centuries. This line is also rich in terms of architectural contrasts.
Red Line is most popular Tallinn City Tour line.

Blue route, taking you through Tallinn's historic suburbs to Rocca al Mare where you can visit the open-air museum, the zoo, an amusement park, a large shopping centre and several sports centres. During the one-hour ride you will learn about Tallinn's past and present.

Green line will take you from the city centre to the eastern parts of the town. The comments accompanying the trip will introduce you to sights and events related to each location.
Our journey begins in front of Viru Hotel, which was originally built in 1972 and had a shopping centre added a couple of years ago. But 500 years ago the people of Tallinn excavated clay here and farmed fish in small ponds.

Pricelist (Eur)
Ticket-pass is valid for all 3 tours within the time frame

Full ticket 16 20
Special ticket
(Student, child 7-16yrs., seniors 65yrs.+)
13 16
Family ticket
(2 adults + max 3 children up to 16 yrs.)
42 52
(Children up to 7 yrs.)
0 0
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