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Ferry Tallinn-Helsinki

  • Tallinn-Helsinki or v.v.

Ferry Tallinn-Helsinki

Tallinn-Helsinki ferry ticket rates depend on ship, departure time, time of booking and mainly on demand, so you may expect ups and downs similarly to airline fares. Still the differences between min and max are not astronomic and range within some logical frames. High speed modern vessels now cross the Gulf of Finland in approx 2 hours while it may take up to 3.5 hours for traditional regular ferries. This means that you do not need to purchase a cabin and just a deck ticket is enough. Though cabins may be booked in case of personal need for your comfort or discretion.



Ferry Tallinn-Helsinki price range (Eur p/p)
Tallink Star high speed Viking XPRS high speed Viking Mariella ferry Eckeroline Finlandia ferry
21* - 60 21* - 55 26* -  44 19* - 38
* The lowest prices can usually happen on Sundays on first departures; Prices are demand-driven.

Ferry Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn Timetable in summer

Note: This is the timetable for the highest season with accuracy of ~95 percent. Full schedule is very complicated and is not possible to put in one simple form.

Tallinn - Helsinki ferry schedule

Departs from

Arrives in

Eckeroline Finlandia 06:00 08:15 Not on Sundays
Viking XPRS 07:00 09:30 Daily
Tallink Megastar 07:30 09:30 Daily
Tallink Star 10:30 12:30 Daily
Eckeroline Finlandia 12:00 14:15 Daily
Silja Europa 12:30 15:30 Daily
Tallink Megastar 13:30 15:30 Daily
Tallink Star 16:30 18:30 Daily
Viking XPRS 17:00 19:30 Daily
Eckeroline Finlandia 18:30 21:00 Daily
Tallink Megastar 19:30 21:30 Daily
Tallink Star 22:30 00:30 Not on Tuesdays
Tallink Star 23:30 01:30 Ony on Tuesdays


Helsinki - Tallinn ferry timetable
Ship Departs from
Arrives in
Tallink Star 07:30 09:30 Daily
Eckeroline Finlandia 09:00 11:15 Daily
Tallink Megastar 10:30 12:30 Daily
Viking XPRS 10:30 13:00 Daily
Tallink Star 13:30 15:30 Daily
Eckeroline Finlandia 15:15 17:30 Daily
Tallink Megastar 16:30 18:30 Daily
Silja Europa 18:30 22:00 Daily
Tallink Star 19:30 21:30 Daily
Viking XPRS 20:30 23:00 Daily
Eckeroline Finlandia 21:40 23:50 Not on Saturdays
Tallink Megastar 22:30 00:30 Not on Tuesdays
Tallink Megastar 23:30 01:30 Only on Tuesdays

Exceptions and alterations to the schedule are possible.

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Ferry connection between Tallinn and Helsinki is so much popular due to short distance (80 km) and close historical and cultural ties. But not least is the fact, that passenger ports are literally in the city centres in both cities. Fast ferry sails Tallinn to Helsinki route in 2 hours and regular ferries need 3.5 hours.

You can find here detailed graphical information on Tallinn port and Helsinki ports. This would help you realize, that you would hardly need any special arrangements to get from Tallinn port to the city centre.
In Helsinki though there are 2 ports, which are used by Tallinn-Helsinki line ferries. These are Katajanokka and Lansisatama. Katajanokka terminal is just on the threshold of Helsinki city centre. You would come to this terminal with Viking Line's Viking XPRS fast ferry.
When you come from Tallinn to Helsinki with Tallink Star, Tallink Superstar, Tallink Baltic Princess and Eckeroline Nordlandia you happen to sail into Lansisatama Harbour. From this Helsinki port terminal to Helsinki city centre you would either need a taxi, or a city bus #15, which will wind you to Helsinki Bus Station.

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