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Golf. Grand Baltic Tour 11d

  • 9 Green fees
  • 10 hotel nights
  • Rented car Tallinn - Vilnius


Possible add-ons

You can add or take off Green fees, upgrade hotels and/or a car.
It is also possible to have a different mix of golf courses, increase or decrease number of nights.

Golf. Grand Baltic Tour 11d

Basic package is based on double occupancy and include accommodation and A category rental car (of Renault Clio size).
All requests are tailor-made with any detail honoured.

Offered sequence:

Day 1. Arrive in Tallinn (TLL). Night in Tallinn.
Day 2. 1 round of golf at EGCC, 1 round at Suuresta.
Day 3. 1 round at Tallinn Niitvalja. Drive to Saaremaa. Night in Saaremaa.
Day 4. 1 round of golf at Saare Golf. Enjoy the beautiful island. Night in Saaremaa.
Day 5. Drive to Parnu. 1 round of golf at White Beach. Night in Parnu resort.
Day 6. Drive to Riga. Relaxation day.
Day 7. 1 round of golf at Ozo. 1 round at Viesturi (2x9 holes). Night in Riga.
Day 8. Drive to Lithuania. 1 round of golf at Capitals. Night at Club House.
Day 9. Drive to Vilnius. 1 round at The V Club. Night in Vilnius.
Day 10. Relaxation day. Night in Vilnius.
Day 11. Flight home from Vilnius (VNO).

MAY - SEPTEMBER 2018 PRICES (Eur per person)
 9 GF + 10 nights
Golf Course / Hotel rating Hotels 2* Hotels 3* Hotels 4*
Tallinn Niitvalja, EGCC, Suuresta, Saare, White Beach, Ozo, Viesturi, Capitals, The V Club 1090 1175 1280
Car Category / Rent Duration 10-day rental
A category
(e.g. Opel Corsa, Renault Clio or sim.)
B category
(e.g. Renault Megane, Toyota Yaris or sim.)
C category
(e.g. VW Golf, Renault Megane Sedan)

Prices include:
9 Green fees
10 hotel nights
Rented car from Vilnius to Tallinn

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Hotels for the tour are beeing chosen according to the price level. In case you would order your prefferred hotels, the price of the tour could change.

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