Vilnius Restaurants

Belmonto str. 17, Vilnius (how to reach, map)
The idea of reconstruction of the French (Belmont) mill complex was based on great respect for our historical relics and wonderful Vilnius landscape. 
All authentic buildings and their parts were diligently preserved and restored; their current purpose is at maximum adapted to the old mill building plan and space structures. 
When managing the territory, the main attention was drawn to the restoration of the former windmill hydrotechnic system – the intake and offtake canal was restored, seven bridges were built above it, as well as cascades and a fountain. The key element of this canal is one of the biggest waterwheels in Lithuania. A huge pond has been established in the central part of the complex, its waters are curving down the artificial waterfall into the river Vilnelė.
“Joana Carinova‘s Inn“, tel.: +370 686 14656 
Restaurant “Vila Gloria“, tel.: +370 615 20220 
Summer café “Belmontas‘ falls“, tel.: +370 614 43939 
Reservations, tel. +370 686 14656
I-VII     12.00 – 24.00 

Stikliu str. 18, Vilnius
In the French type restaurant Bistro 18 customers can taste dishes from various European regions that are changing together with the time of the year. From a small but modern European dish menu customers can choose the main course for 5 to 10 euro and the waiter or waitress will kindly suggest to taste the type of wine that will help to reveal the best qualities of the food.
For reservations please call: +370 677 72091 
I-V        11:30-24:00
VI-VII    12:00-24:00


Labdarių str. 8, Vilnius
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This is a RESTOBAR with Fusion kitchen and Funky bar.
For reservations please call: +370 52122909
I-III    12:00-00:00
IV      12:00-02:00
V-VI   12:00-05:00
VII     12:00-00:00


Pilies str. 10, Vilnius Old Town
Argentinean restaurant “El Gaucho Sano” is situated in the hotel “Atrium”, in the very heart of the Old Town of Vilnius, Pilies street.Guests are invited to taste Argentinean dishes according to the real traditions of this country. The author of the menu of the restaurant is virtuoso Mario Ricardo Avallone, an Argentinean who specially came to Lithuania . This chef of the kitchen is informed about any change in the menu of the kitchen, therefore the true Argentinean taste and smell can be felt here! The dishes are made exclusively from the natural products, and this fact is reflected even by the name of the restaurant “El Gaucho Sano”, which means “healthy shepherd” in Spanish.Tel.: +370 5 210 77 73 
Fax: +370 5 210 77 70 
IDA BASAR (4 halls, seating for 120)
Subaciaus str. 3, Vilnius Old Town
While maintaining its authenticity, the IDA BASAR restaurant offers a wonderful range of international cuisine that is a welcome surprise in a world of fast food. Unique blends of products, marvellous spices, reasonable prices and individually prepared food all make for a wonderful dining experience. And it is not just the individual food and attention to each guest that makes every visit to Ida Basar special - the unique surroundings are an equally captivating treat. The restaurant has maintained the XVI c. architectural monument with historical precision, and has added antique furniture to complete an authentic, intimate environment. The experienced kitchen staff undergoes continuous training with foreign specialists, and regularly participates in culinary competitions around the world so that they can offer their guests the latest trends in cuisine and presentation in addition to traditional fare. 
Open: II–VI    12:00–22:00 
Sundays and Mondays by special reservation only. 
Tel.: +370 5 262 84 84, +370 698 268 68

Didžioji str. 11, Vilnius
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Tel.: +370 688 80558
E. mail:
I-V        13:30-24:00
VI-VII    10:00-24:00

Vokieciu str. 22, Vilnius Old Town
Looking for something close to what you might find in old Europe? The search, as they say, is over. Truly the most mouth-watering choice in the old town, La Provence is leagues ahead the competition. Savoury fish choices include red mullet, monkfish and fresh, hot and smoked halibut. But if you really want to throw caution to the wind, take on the lamb knuckles or roebuck filet with cherry sauce. La Provence also houses one of the most uncompromising wine lists in town.Tel.: +370 5 2620257 
Fax.: +370 5 2312360 

Pamenkalnio str. 24, Vilnius
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A new, stylish and innovative restaurant opens its doors in April 2012, Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio g. 24!
"Lauro lapas" is the initiative of a talented, young chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas and Orinta Charčenkaitė.
The restaurant chief claims to open a new page in the history of restaurants in Lithuania and hope to become a symbol of quality and innovation.
For reservations please call: +370 674 51045
E. mail:
I-V    11:00-22:00
VI     12:00-23:00

Vilniaus str. 22/1, Vilnius
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Salad Bar „Mano Guru“ is the best place in town to enjoy healthy and delicious food and spend some time with the beloved ones.
Tel.: +370 5 2120126, +370 5 2122399
I-V        07:00-21:00
VI-VII    09:00-20:00


Pilies str. 24, Vilnius Old Town
Sophisticated and elegant, the interior design is the last public art peace in the world of well known French architect and designer Anne Toulous. Warm burgundy and ginger fabrics offset soft and light yellow walls, 18th century original frescoes, unique paintings and rich details in cozy lounge chairs and carpet creating a comfortable, elegant atmosphere. The restaurant seats 40 people and offers special menu of regional and international cuisine and a thoughtfully chosen wine list of different vintages. The restaurant’s dining room is an ideal place to host small gatherings to celebrate family, social and business occasions. 
Restaurant working hours: 
Monday to Sunday: 11:00 am – 24:00 (midnight) 
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am – 12:00 (noon) - special breakfast menu
For reservations please call: +370 5 2617722

Trakų str. 11-8 / Pranciškonų str. 2-8, Vilnius
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Italian familly restaurant
For reservation please call: +370 679 59420
E. mail:
I-V        11:00-00:00
VI-VII    12:00-00:00


Pylimo str. 22D, Vilnius
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Shanti Vilnius – oasis of good food and serenity in the very heart of the city!
In the very heart of Lithuania‘s capital city, Asian cuisine restaurant “Shanti Vilnius” has opened its doors. Restaurant welcomes good food lovers with special, relaxing atmosphere, high quality meals, authentic oriental teas and music composed specially for the restaurant.
“Shanti Vilnius” is a solid “Shanti” brand. Brand family‘s representatives are based in Moscow, Kiev and Indian resort Goa. The name “shanty” means serenity, relaxation. Restaurant‘s kitchen throne belongs to a well-known Lithuanian chef Ali Gadzhijev. “Shanti Vilnius” pays extra attention to food. Each meal has its history, visitors are welcome to try meals of Vietnamese, Thai and Indian origin, and food is fresh and thoroughly selected.
“Shanti Vilnius” restaurant offers good food lovers to try authentic, qualitative and fresh meals.
Tel.: +370 5 261 29 51
Mob: +370 699 77951
E. mail:
I-V    11:00-23:00
VI     12:00-24:00
VII    13:00-22:00


Visų Šventųjų str. 5, Vilnius Old Town
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Sofa de Pancho - a mexican restaurant located in Vilnius Old Town.
Sofa de Pancho - sofa of the lazy ones - was created by friends looking for the real mexican spirit. While your in the restaurant you can feel the smels, hear the sounds and taste the colourfull traditional mexican dishes that are coming from the open kitchen.
Tel.: +370 673 89002
E. mail:
II-V    16:00-22:00
VI       13:00-22:00 


Gedimino ave. 9, Vilnius
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Studio 9 is a new space in the very centre of the city that could be described as a „social grill & lounge“.
The biggest attention here is devoted to food and the studio style surroundings. In addition to this there is Always something happening in this place: one day it can be a photo art exhibition, another- experiments with food, the third day might bring a stand-up comedy, while the forth- a vocal concert...
For reservations please call: +370 698 52999
E. mail:
I-III     11:00-01:00
IV       11:00-02:00
V-VI    11:00-04:00
VII 11:00-00:00

TERRAZZA (a restaurant at Forum Palace in Vilnius)
Konstitucijos ave. 26, Vilnius centre, right bank of Neris river
Terrazza restaurant a la carte menu
Terrazza restaurant wine card
A nice place to sit when you are on the right bank of Neris river.
Opening hours:
I–IV 10:00 – 23:00 
V 10:00 – 24:00
VI 12:00 – 24:00
VII 12:00 – 22:00
Tel.: +370 5 2103104, +370 687 90719


Mindaugo str. 27, Comfort Hotel LT, Vilnius
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Time for restaurant
Time for sharing
Time for food
Time for mushrooms...
Time for us
Time for you
Tel.: +370 686 39211
E. mail:
Open: I-VII   07:00-22:00


Odminių str. 3, Vilnius
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Zoe's Grill and Bar was nominated for best restaurant and bar in Vilnius. It has 75 seats and 80 seats outside. DJ's playing every weekend with their best selections. A cosy place to have lunch or dinner, warm and friendly service, perfect view of a Cathedral square and most importantly – great food and drinks.
For reservations please call: +370 52 123331
I-V       11:30-01:00
VI-VII   12:00-01:00


Didzioji str. 31, Vilnius Town Hall
You can enjoy freshly caught seasonal fish from the Baltic sea, Curonian Lagoon and Lithuanian lakes and rivers.
Tel.: +370 682 19172
I - VII 11:00 - 24:00